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Does and don'ts

New users: until you change your profile photo you will be a NERD, at the top left hand side of forum you can upload your personalized photo and/or avatar. Look for "change your avatar" block. click on upload and pic a avatar from your pc. Until you change your avatar your avatar will be the "NERD" avatar assigned to all new members. You can update your profile information in the "Profile Admin" link in the main links at top. We don't share your email with anyone and only send out very few emails with site updates. So if you used a bogus email to join please fix it now. You can share content right away, do not spam, we don't care if you put up gallery's or photos/videos with an affiliate link, just make sure not to over do it. we will delete a page full of banners. you know how to act here, don't get stupid and send surfers to circle jerk hell, that will get you banned. no pop ups, no redirects. if you are creating some good quality gallerys that is what we looking for. links to quality content only!!! enjoy your stay and don't be shy to share.